Helpful Robins

Robin looks like he is sitting in a bubble

Robin looks like he is sitting in a bubble

Robin on a Stick

Robin on a Stick – sitting on the cloned willow stick

Round Robin

Round Robin

Robins nearly always show up whenever you do any work in the woods. Last week I was cloning some willow. This means you cut about 18 inch/50 cm lengths of wood about 1 inch/2.5 cm diameter.  Then, making sure it is the right way up, push it into the ground about 15cm or so, put a guard around it to prevent browsing, and the vast majority of willow will re-sprout into a new tree.

I nearly didn’t take my camera.  But I was glad I did.  The little robin was waiting for me to hammer in one of the sticks, then coming down to perch on it while I went to fetch the guard from the wheelbarrow.  And when he wasn’t doing that, he was perched in the tree close by.

I managed to snap one photo of him with the light just right – he looked like he was sitting in a bubble!


3 thoughts on “Helpful Robins

  1. In fact I’ve just read about a mother mallard duck & her brood in Cambridgeshire, a robin sitting on eggs in Yorkshire & mistle thrush fledgelings in Glasgow!

  2. More lovely pictures – thanks for sharing them. It’s only recently that I discovered that an American robin is nothing like our ones. Ours are smaller and cuter (from my point of view) but they’re positively orange in comparison.

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