A Tour Around the Woods

Our woods are probably at their most beautiful during the spring. This week we welcomed the Royal Forestry Society here on a visit, and I filmed some video as we went round, adding some stills and a commentary afterwards. This really gives you a feel for the woods and their wildlife. It lasts about 11 minutes, but in reality it takes about an hour to walk round.

Haymaking – the Video

I’ve already blogged about this, with still photos, but we have now edited and condensed 6 days of hard work into just 6 minutes of video.  I shot the video with my small camera (EOS 100D) because I was working most of the time, and could therefore only carry a small camera.  It does show the process of haymaking to encourage wildflowers.  This was our first ever attempt and we would love to thank all our friends who made it possible.