The ‘Trees in Between’ Can Help Empower Communities.

A very thoughtful piece from Pip about trees and their importance to communities.


We now all live in the most tumultuous of times since WWII. The very scary move far right in England and the US hides, but is also an effect of, a plethora of other problems in virtually all economic, environmental and social issues in all landscapes.

All these issues are interconnected by one very strong hub – your home. And as we all struggle with the direction our politicians and media have taken us it is inevitable we turn to our immeadiate surroundings, our community for security.

And of course this means we rediscover or notice for the first time the real beauty of our place.


However for far too many of us the political has changed the beauty of our place, leaving scars that are far too deep to ever heal:

manormosley manormosley2

Photographs by Brian Mosley, Sheffield.

Discussing identity and where you belong has started to gather momentum, but…

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