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Crocus by the roadside

I have always been interested in photography, buying my first SLR camera when I was 13.  Wildlife photography and the beauty of the natural world was always something I enjoyed trying to capture and convey to others.  After retiring in 2006, I promised myself I would take an arts-based course, having been involved in science all my life.  So it was that I took a professional photography course with Digital MasterClass, which I completed in 2012 with a photography exhibition at Alvecote Wood.  In 2014 I entered Wildlife Photographer of the Year, and was shortlisted in the portfolio category, reaching the final round of judging.

The natural world inspires me.  The challenge is trying to convey that inspiration to others.  The natural world is not just about images;  it is about feelings and emotions too.  The wind on your face, the sound of birdsong in your ears, the smell of the wild flowers on the breeze.  What I try to do is convey a set of feelings as well as a set of images by concentrating on what makes me feel the way I do when I see something, and then trying to put that into an image.  It is not easy, and I don’t always get it right.  I am inspired by woodlands, by patterns of light, shade and colour, and by the small details in the landscape as well as by the small creatures within it.

If you are interested in coming along and learning more, and trying to improve your photography, we run regular workshops at Alvecote Wood.  For £25 you can enjoy a day in the woods learning about general or macro/insect photography.  Spend a whole day at the woods learning about both technical and artistic elements of photography.  The cost includes hot drinks and biscuits, but you will have to bring packed lunch, your camera, suitable clothing and most of all your imagination!

Our provisional 2017 programme has just been confirmed and the dates are shown below.  If you are interested in attending, just complete the form below to book.

3 thoughts on “Photo Workshops

  1. Your website is wonderful and I would be at yr workshop in a heartbeat except I live in South Africa. I would like to share a story with you to let you know what a blessing a photo of yours has been, should you be able to correspond personally. Kind regards Sharna Hardham

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